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My name is Artur and I am a software developer specializing in web-based application development (both back- and front end, i.e. full stack).

I have over 16 years of experience. I started programming in 2004 as a hobby. Starting from 2006 I have been doing it professionally and since then implemented around 50 projects.

My clients are small and medium-sized companies from Estonia, Finland and Germany.

From 2016 until 2020 I worked on open-source projects at government-organized Estonian Internet Foundation.

I either work with clients directly or join existing teams as a subcontractor on behalf of my company INTECH.

I am based in Tallinn, Estonia and working remotely.

I enjoy helping others at Stackoverflow.





Below are some prominent statements I collected during my work. The list is sorted by my personal preference, the most favorite ones being at the top. Please note that some of them are vulgar.

The feature you created is not working. Did you test it yourself at all?! This is not even a senior developer level!
You are just pain in the ass! I won't get a bonus because of you!
You screwed up my vacation! There is a bug in the system you created!
Stop being obsessed with naming things and tests.
Refuses to write code without tests.


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